Postbiotic Body Lotion Body Souffle by is Love Biome is The Best Postbiotic Product

Postbiotic Body Lotion Body Souffle by is Love Biome is The Best Postbiotic Product. Get The Product Now!

Postbiotic Body Lotion

And I’m going to talk to you about A new concept. A concept that was introduced in Las Vegas, a product that was introduced in Las Vegas.

And the product and the concept are all around a new idea and that idea is the Postbiotic Body Lotion, Postbiotic Body Souffle.

This product is a completely new approach to skin and whole body health. This is a tremendous new addition to our product family.

Here in our very young company, we are only 10 months old as of this recording. We have added this product to our suite of of microbiome care products because it tells an incredible story.

And it fits perfectly with the Daily 3 system. I want to talk a little bit more about it today and I want to focus on postbiotics. Postbiotics is a concept that really drives the effectiveness of our Postbiotic Body Souffle.

So what are postbiotics? you’ve heard of prebiotics, you’ve heard of probiotics and what I want to introduce today is the concept of postbiotics.

Postbiotics are the substances that are left behind after the combination of prebiotics and probiotics. So we call the prebiotics the food right?

Postbiotic Body Lotion
Postbiotic Body Lotion

The probiotics are the organisms that feed on the prebiotic food and what they leave behind is postbiotics. This is a new concept, it’s an emerging concept. it’s it’s an exciting concept.

People, researchers, scientists are starting to find how effective and how powerful postbiotics can be.

Like I said, prebiotics and probiotics are well known terms but post-biotics is just now starting to enter the world of microbiome care.

This is from the Harvard Health publishing from the Harvard Medical School here in the United States.

“Healthy postbiotics include nutrients such as vitamins B and K, amino acids, and substances called antimicrobial peptides that helps to slow down the growth of harmful bacteria. Other postbiotic substances called short-chain fatty acids help healthy bacteria flourish.”

So when we talk about microbiome care, there’s a gut microbiome and there’s also a skin microbiome.

Postbiotic Body Lotion

There’s an inside and an outside and there are many more microbiomes that we can and will explore in the future.

But right now we have the gut microbiome and the skin microbiome. And just like the gut, there are trillions and trillions of little organisms and and microbes living on your skin.

And just like in the gut, your microbiome environment on the skin is important to not only how you look but how you feel and your overall health.

Postbiotic Body Lotion
Postbiotic Body Lotion

So again, postbiotics contain valuable and nutritious substances like vitamin C and K, amino acids, antimicrobial peptides and short chain fatty acids.

So again we’re zeroing in on postbiotics, I want to talk about vitamin B which can be found in these postbiotics. Vitamin B has been called the “Secret to Good Skin Health.”

You know we ingest vitamin B a lot and we it gives us energy. And we do it for our insides but we don’t know quite how or we may not understand quite how important vitamin B is to our skin.

When I was doing this research there was a huge list of benefits that vitamin B has for the skin, so I had to cut it off at this short list.

Let’s talk about Vitamin K, Vitamin K is full of powerful skin benefits. It protects against oxidation which if you think about oxidation, on a vehicle like a car that results in rust.

Oxidation in the body is not good just like it rusts out a car or boat. It will cause damage that oxidative process will cause damage to our cells and our skin structures.

So vitamin K: Protects against oxidation, Reduces visible signs of skin aging, Addresses dark circles around the eyes, Helps in clearing of bruising Expedites wound healing and Soothes inflammation

Let’s talk about amino acids, again all of these can be found in postbiotics.

Postbiotics are full of vitamins and amino acids and so on. So amino acids are “Essential For Beautiful Skin” It:

  • Builds A Network Of Peptides And Proteins (Proteins are the building blocks of life. Without protein we don’t function, we don’t exist)
  • Transports Moisture Throughout The Skin
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Maintains Healthy Appearance
  • Firms Up The Skin Barrier

“The skin serves as an ecosystem for billions of microorganisms collectively called the skin microbiome. Some of these microorganisms are merely bystanders, while others work together with the skin to fight Invaders or promote immunity.”

Our skin is that barrier of defense and it’s working hard to keep us healthy, so when we take care of our skin we take care of our overall health.

So, Postbiotic Body Souffle is a Postbiotic Powerhouse with eight postbiotic impact ingredients. These include but are not limited to edelwise, coconut oil, shea butter, lactobacillus fermentum, ect.

This is a postbiotic Powerhouse. It was specifically formulated to take advantage of the unique health benefits of postbiotics. A new and emerging skin health trim.

Postbiotic Body Souffle

  • Anti-aging
  • Strengthens the Skin Barrier
  • Improved Skin’s Electricity
  • Powerful Hydration
  • Increases Nutrient Absorption Through The Skin
  • Leaves Your Skin Feeling Smooth And Radiant
  • Refreshing Citrus Fragrance (it really does smell good)


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